Some of our Projects

We are proud to share some of our portfolio projects that go from an idea to a real product. Our team works together to build a product from start to finish. From the concept, to a prototype and finally to a product that can be in the market

Smart Thermostat

– 4G / NBIoT + WIFI

EV Charger Mobile Application

– OCPP 1.6 | Charger Management

Water Quality Monitoring.

– PH | TDS | Ammonia

Smart Home Device.

– Wireless Controller

Asset Tracking Node.

– GPS + Battery Management

Smart Jar Container Holder.

– Weight Measurement + WIFI

Remote Monitoring Software Solution.

– Device Management + User Management

CO2 Industrial Sensor .

– Analog CO2 Sensing

Type 2 EV Charging stations

– OCPP 1.6 upto 22kW

Sanitizer Dispenser

– Automated Sanitizer Dispenser

Climate Controller for Precision Agritech.

– CO2 + Climate Control

Smart RV Thermostat.

– FCC Certified + Display

Aquaculture Controller.

– Motor Controller + Sensing

GPS Tracking Device.

– AIS 140 Certified

Energy Monitoring Device.

– Class .5 Accuracy

Medical Device Control system.

– Bi Chemistry Analyzer

Agriculture Automation controller.

– Control panel automation

Temperature Humidity Controller.

– Digital Controller

Cold Chain Data Logger

– Wireless Data Logger

AIS 140 GPS tracking device.

– RFID + GPS Tracking

IOT Machine Controller.

– Machinery Controller + WIFI

OCPP Contoller.

– OCPP 1.6 + 4G + WIFI

Industrial Modbus Gateway

– Modbus Gateway + 2G + WIFI