The integration of telematics and BMS monitoring is crucial to the success of electric vehicles. The vehicles have a lot of sensors that require communication with other parts such as battery management systems (BMS), power electronics and control units. Telematics solutions allow you to access all these data from one place, which can be used for predictive maintenance or even performance enhancements through software updates. We at RIOD Support have implemented this type of system for several customers in different industries including automotive, aviation and industrial equipment manufacturing.

Telematics for EVs

Telematics and BMS monitoring for EVs

An EV has a battery system containing multiple batteries, which are connected in series or parallel to deliver the required voltage. In addition to monitoring the state of charge (SOC) of each individual battery, it is also important to monitor the overall SOC of all batteries in order to optimize their performance and life. As such, telematics is an essential component for any EV.

Telematics refers to any technology that remotely monitors vehicles or provides information about them; it may also monitor other parts of a vehicle’s operation such as its location and speed—or whatever else you can think up!

In order to ensure correct operation, telematics systems measure many different parameters related directly or indirectly with vehicle operation such as: acceleration/deceleration dynamics; braking performance; engine temperature; clutch engagement point; shift points etc…

Battery management system monitoring

To ensure the safety of EVs, it is important to monitor their battery management system (BMS). The BMS monitors voltage levels and current flow and acts as the central control unit for all functions related to the battery pack. If the BMS detects abnormalities or errors in any of these areas, it will trigger an alarm. For example, if a cell gets too hot or cold, it may trigger an alarm. Similarly, if there is too much voltage or current being diverted from a particular cell or group of cells, this could also trigger an alarm indicating a problem with those specific cells/groups of cells that need to be addressed immediately by service personnel.

With so many different variables involved in monitoring EV batteries effectively—including ambient temperature changes; discharge rates; charge rates; state-of-charge percentages—it’s critical that such monitoring systems are able to differentiate between normal operating conditions versus abnormal ones so they can provide accurate information about a vehicle’s condition at all times without generating false alarms unnecessarily

Telematics hardware

Telematics hardware is a device that collects and transmits data from the vehicle. It is used for GPS tracking, real time monitoring, vehicle diagnostics, vehicle status, location of the car, battery status and engine status of an electric car. The telematics hardware consists of:

  • A global positioning system (or GPS) receiver to track the location of your vehicle in real-time
  • An onboard computer to collect and analyze data transmitted by other components of your vehicle
  • A cellular modem to send information over cellular networks

A data plan to transmit your vehicle’s location and other data over cellular networks .

Telematics software

Telematics software is a platform for communication with the vehicle, which collects data from the vehicle and visualizes it in the cloud. It has many uses, including monitoring the vehicle and controlling it via remote commands.

RIOD Support design and development of telematics and BMS

RIOD Support delivers telematics and BMS monitoring solutions for our clients. Our expert team has very good experience in getting certifications for AIS140 GPS tracking devices from ARAI Pune. We can custom build the solution as per the size and specifications of our customers


In conclusion, we hope you’ve enjoyed this look into what telematics and BMS monitoring can do for your EV. We’re excited to see how these technologies continue to advance, and we look forward to helping our customers stay on top of the latest developments!

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