The future of Lift Control Systems and how IOT can be used to bring intelligence into Lift & Elevator industry.

Lift and Elevator Industry is changing with the introduction of IoT technologies. IoT is bringing intelligence into buildings and elevators, which are helpful in making them more efficient, safe and reliable.

Future of Smart Lift and Elevator controls

Smart Lift and Elevator controls are the future of connected Lifts and elevators. It will be equipped with sensors to monitor every aspect of its operations. With improved efficiency, very minimal down time and failures.

With the help of modern technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), cloud computing, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence it can deliver a seamless experience to the customer.

The data collected from connected lifts/elevators is then analyzed by the central monitoring unit for better decision making in order to predict any kind of failure or operational issue before it gets out of hand.

Bringing the benefits of IOT to Lift & Elevator industries

In this blog, we will discuss how IoT can be used in lift & elevator industry? How IoT can help in diagnosing issues, prior visiting the sites? And how it can improve safety management(emergencies)

Benefits on IOT in Lift Controllers.

Let’s start with discussing how IoT will benefit your business:

How IoT can predict failures of Elevator before any critical breakdowns.

IoT can help predict failures of elevator before it fails. This is done by analyzing usage patterns like over load, excess usage, power irregularities, harmonics etc to predict failures. The sensors installed in the elevator are connected to a cloud server where real-time diagnostics are performed and analyzed.

The data generated from the sensor modules will be used for predictive maintenance and failure analysis of key equipment’s such motors & drives which may lead to unexpected downtime or breakdowns of elevators as well as escalators. The data can also be analyzed based on location; such as number of people present on each floor at any point in time or how many times an elevator has been called per hour etc., allowing companies to plan their maintenance schedule accordingly so that it doesn’t affect business operations negatively.

How IoT can help in diagnosing issues, prior to the inspection visits.

The use of IoT will help to provide better services for customers, increase safety levels and also reduce initial capital investment costs.

Here are some examples:

  • Remote fault diagnosis: This means diagnosing issues before visiting the sites by reviewing logs remotely rather than performing physical inspections every time there’s an issue with lift or escalators.
  • Remote log of issues: It means collecting data from sensors installed on the machines; it helps you analyze usage patterns such as overload etc., which may indicate potential problems before they occur!
  • Analyzing Usage patterns such as overload: Monitoring systems can help operators identify trends in traffic flow so they know when maintenance needs to be done before something breaks down completely! This allows them more time to plan preventative maintenance activities.

How IoT can be used in maintenance management in Lift and Elevator industry?

How IoT can be used in maintenance management in Lift and Elevator industry?

IoT Helps in maintenance by detecting problems prior to it occur. Remote maintenance of the lift and elevator systems, helps reduce on-site visit by diagnosing issues remotely, thus reducing the down time of elevator up to 50%.

Safety Management: With IoT, you can know the location of failure. It is possible that any part fails at any time (e.g., door sensor) and it needs immediate attention so as not to affect other parts/systems or put lives at risk as well as avoid costly downtime. With IoT based solution all parts will be monitored 24x7x365 with alerts raised if there is an issue which could lead to major failures or incidents like fire etc., thus enabling faster response from technicians which saves lives & property loss too!

How IoT can be used for safety management(emergencies) in Lift and Elevator industry?

IoT can be used to remotely send alerts in case of emergencies. This helps the lift/elevator companies to respond quickly and efficiently.

In addition, IoT can predict failures as well as failures in other crucial parts of the system, which will improve safety on one side and improve response time in emergencies on another side.

How RIOD LAB can support your in developing smart controls for Lift & Elevators.

RIOD LAB can help you in developing smart controls for Lift & Elevators. We have the expertise and capability to provide devices that offer the best solution for your smart controls for Lift & Elevators.

Our engineers will work with you to develop cutting edge technology solutions which are designed to meet your requirements, while still providing the same level of reliability and performance as systems using conventional hardware.

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We believe that IoT and smart controls can be used in many ways to improve the Lift & Elevator industry. RIOD LAB is a partner with whom you can develop your own smart control solution for any lift, elevator or escalator.

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